Who we are?

As Sanches Team ,

We started our professional life in 2005, Eyewear Retail Market, 

With 2013 our Brand&Production journey started. That's how Sanches Team born. All our Eyewears and eyewear service loved a lot. with that motivation we said we need to spread good energy with all around the world 

New century gives us the opportunity to reach each and every beautiful of you 

We settled our Motto, get prepared for this exciting and challenging adventure

No Blocks, No Musts, No Tags 
Except for One Rule
Be Courage, Be Flex, Be You 
"Always Take Care of YOUR Sake" 

 How we do differently? 

When you buy an eyewear do you know how much you pay for: Retail Costs, Brand Name Value, Brand's Marketing Investments (luxury parties, events, sponsorship's). Of course, you cant at that point Our Mission starts. 

  • We just sell online - avoid retail costs
  • We just do online marketing - no unnecessary marketing spending 
  • We just sponsor with our product who really care your sake, will tell you our real product quality and service benefits
  • No unfair bargaining power - we give the same price for all power the world 
  • No extra charges - WorldWide Free Shipping 
  • Be Fair and Trustable - After sales service is more important than selling goods because we are SERVING EYEWEAR
  • And We really LOVE each and every one of YOU 

By all of those we offer you Best Quality Eyewears with Fixed Full Year Affordable Prices 

With Love

Sanches Team